About ActUpStar

What are ActUpStar plays?
ActUpStar plays are developed to be performed by youth performers or by theatre or performing arts groups. Plays can be adapted to suit skill levels, abilities, ages, venue and numbers. 

Why did ActUpStar commence? 
ActUpStar was asked to write plays that were flexible enough for the diverse needs of performing arts, school and theatre groups.

Who writes ActUpStar plays?
Plays are written by Mark A.Casson. ActUpStar plays are listed on the Playmarket website under his name.

What is ActUpStar?
ActUpStar (youth and theatre plays) and ActUpInternational (educational modules) are part of ActUp Ltd which is a New Zealand limited liability company trading since 1996. 

Where is ActUpStar based?
ActUpStar is based in Wellington, New Zealand.

How to get more information and license plays? 
Playmarket, which is the New Zealand playwrights agency, administer all licenses and collection of production royalties. They are the first point of contact for all enquiries.
Wellington - Level 2, 16 Cambridge Terrace, Wellington, New Zealand
Auckland - Level 11, 44 - 52 Wellesley St, Auckland, New Zealand
Mail: P.O.Box 9767, Te Aro, Wellington, New Zealand.
Phone: +64 4 382 8462 
: info@playmarket.org.nz
Web: www.playmarket.org.nz

Contact ActUpStar
Email: mark@actupstar.com
Post: 28 Creswick Terrace, Wellington 6012, New Zealand.

ActUp terms, conditions and statement
ActUpStar is a trading arm of ActUp Ltd. ActUp Ltd modules are fictional. Any reference or similarity to persons, places or activities are purely coincidental and unintentional. Contact us immediately and we will endeavour to correct any issue. All prices of ActUp Ltd products are expressed in New Zealand dollars. ActUp Ltd role play modules are subject to New Zealand law. When ordering our products please check with your local Customs, Inland Revenue or Tax Departments and other government agencies for any tax, legal or other issues that are the purchaser's responsibility. ActUp Ltd is not responsible for any matter or issue arising from any of our products or for how our products are ultimately used. All copyrights, including intellectual and publication, remain at all times with ActUp Ltd. No material, text, or script, can be reproduced in any manner or for any commercial activity without the authority of ActUp Ltd. ActUp Ltd reserves the right to not issue licences or to suspend licences for the performance of any of its plays at any time whatsoever for any reason.