ActUpInternational uses drama to introduce curriculum and careers topics with students in the classroom

Drama is a fun and inclusive way to introduce curriculum and careers subjects with students in the classroom. Students act out an 8-10 minutes play which introduces the subject, discuss what happened, the characters, actions, responses, and their  own experiences. 

For organisations, ActUp modules are an excellent opportunity to highlight key messages, include relevant information and promote online links. Modules can be developed, hosted on an organisation's website as downloads and promoted to schools through their regular campaigns.

For schools and teachers, ActUp modules are easy to use, complete lesson plans and based on curriculum and careers outcomes. No drama or acting skills are needed, just a sense of fun and interest in trying something different with students in the classroom. We have several modules for sale.

Examples of modules include interviewing an astronaut (Science), discussing what fitness means (Health), preparing for an interview (Careers), consumer rights around a faulty cellphone (Social Sciences), solving a crime when the number 5 goes missing (Primary maths)....and more!

ActUp modules are, and have been, used by schools in many countries. Modules are based on general curriculum or careers objectives, modern day situations or events and use a newspaper reading level of English language.

Read more about these classroom plays on our ActUpInternational website.