Intrigue, edge with a dash of surrealist vision vital ingredients in our theatre plays

Our theatre plays combine elements of intrigue, edge and surrealism anchored with strong storylines and characters. Imagine Mrs Fish eating her sandwiches while telling us about the Prime Minister's official visit to the urinal that she cleans, in Man with Head hospital patient Dray Slythe lets us into secrets about buying new shoes and laces, best friend Charlie Chalker, and the Talent Quest, and Rail Friends is about a chance encounter between two people on the train that leaves a gory trail.

Most plays, all written by Mark A.Casson, have been performed by professional theatre companies, local theatre groups, schools, student or performing arts groups. Plays have has been broadcast on radio and Mark has also written television programmes.  

All plays are licensed by Playmarket and you can read more about them here.


Short plays

The Tin Cross
Two elderly people confront the world, and the Nursing Van from their park bench, with the support of their family of pet decoy ducks.
Cast:  2

The Urinal, Mrs Fish And The Prime Minister
A before-and-after account, by Mrs Fish, of the Prime Minister's official visit to the urinal where she cleans.
Cast:  1

A Shallow Grave for the Falling Tear
Slater and Moirette
are under threat from a mysterious person called Scuadenthorpe.  Pinteresque tale of menace.
Cast:  2

Man With Head (also performed as Woman With Head with Draylee Slythe)
Drayton Slythe is a hospital patient.  He tells the story of buying new shoes and laces, his best friend Charlie Chalker, and the Talent Quest.
Cast:  2

Rail Friends
A black comedy involving a chance encounter on a train and Rachael's race to Gore leaving a gory trail.
Cast:  3

Soldier Stale
In a room in a strife-torn, bombed-out city, a woman reluctantly allows a stranger to enter.  Shelter, warmth and human companionship have almost become unprocurable.
Cast:  2

The Burning of Willi Bruell and the Reincarnation of Ben Chuckles
A two-hander set in a crematorium lavatory where two old souls are discussing their past lives and future hopes. But Willi is about to be burned for the last time.
Cast:  2

The Coloured Room Through The B&W Window
Theresa and Monica, Siamese twins living in a boarding house run by Mary, are visited by Ben who is keen to move in.
Cast:  4

Tuesday's Stranger
Routine is upset when Eunice invites company for tea on a Tuesday.  A murderously funny two-hander.
Cast:  2

Two Gnomes, A Fishing Pole And A Crusty Tale
Two gnomes discuss life's vicissitudes.
Cast:  2



Full-length plays

Aerobics, Music, Lights, Action
Aerobics comes to life as students decide to be a part of a fund-raising performance. Being keen, though, is not the same as being competent and this is apparent after the first rehearsal. However...
Cast:  6


Book Clubs, Sports Teams and Dance Classes
The school sports team win and go through the national finals but unfortunately the school business class loses the sports team’s money through poor investments. Although the school dance team try...
Cast:  26

C’mon: Celebrating 60s, 70s and 80s New Zealand
The deadline’s rapidly approaching for a group of students to finish their history assignment on life in 60s, 70s and 80s New Zealand. Each act introduces a new decade.
Seven speaking roles...
Cast:  6

Our School’s Great, Big, Variety Show Now On!
After weeks of rehearsal finally word arrives that the performance rights for the school production have been revoked. All is gloom until one student suggests creating a production to showcase the...
Cast:  16

The South Otago Aerobics team plan to do a fundraising display but plans soon start to fall apart.
Cast:  6

The Birthday Stain
Frank, just out of prison, Allison, Roxy and Tommy spring a surprise party for Father on his birthday.  Menacing and sardonic, this is a gothic revenge drama.
Cast:  5

The Brooding Sin

Adjante works discontentedly in a cafe.  She meets Max there and they return to the apartment that Adjante shares with Henri.  Henri drives a red Chevrolet, spends a good deal of time in the...
Cast:  3

The Great Squat And The Potato
Rua, Ilam and King Edward, the potato carriers, must outrun the chip mongers AND do business with the coal miners.  Perhaps with co-operation they could all live together happily...
Cast:  26

The Laughter of Land
An unnamed city has been in a state of civil unrest for years.
The fight for survival in the surreal surrounds tears lives apart.
Cast:  4

Touch Sevens
Competition to play in the national finals is fierce between the girls’ and boys’ touch seven rugby teams. Off-field antics ensure on-field anxiety with unexpected results. Game is played among...
Cast:  32


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