ActUpStar offers performers the opportunity to star in fun and exciting theatre productions

If you're looking for productions that are fun, with action aplenty and often based on unusual topics try ActUpStar's plays.  Most of our plays have been performed by either schools, university drama groups, performing arts, local or professional theatre companies. Some have also been produced on radio.

Our youth and theatre plays offer a range of differing performance lengths, speaking and non-speaking roles, settings and props. They can be easily adapted to suit production needs around numbers and settings. Use them as a main production, classroom performance or in a drama competition.

A selection of our plays include Book Clubs, Sports Teams and Dance Classes, Rudolph's Deering Escape, The Great Squat and the Potato, Rail FriendsMan With Head and The Urinal, Mrs Fish and The Prime Minister to name a few.

Longer plays offer roles to encourage performers of all ages and abilities to take part. Short plays can be performed individually or perform several together to make a fun evening for perfomers and audience. 


ActUpStar plays are written by Mark A.Casson and are also listed under his name on the Playmarket website.

Director Anita Cumming, of the Anita Cumming School of Drama and Performance, says: 

"As a director his plays are easy to direct and can be adapted to suit. His plays are versatile and easy. As a teacher/ director you are able to make the plays as simple or as complex as you like. Leaving room to cater for all learning and reading levels. Mark writes appropriately for specified age groups. The plays I have used have made the performers and audience smile."  

Performance and licences

The Playmarket Agency issues and manages performance licences, manages royalty payments, circulates plays to producers and theatres in NZ and internationally. For all licensing and performance enquiries contact:
Playmarket (

ActUpStar contact 
Mark A.Casson
Post: 28 Creswick Terrace, Wellington 6012, New Zealand.

ActUp terms, conditions and statement
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